Definition of Workforce Management

In many markets, industries and society workforce management is all about assigning the right employees with the right skills to the right job at the right time. The term is differentiated from traditional staff scheduling because staff scheduling is rooted to time management and simply manages the administration of past and future working times.

This traditional approach has since evolved into the more integrated, demand-oriented workforce management, which includes changes in personnel requirements and objectives when optimising the scheduling of staff. Besides the two core aspects of demand-orientation and optimisation, workforce management may also incorporate:

  • forecasting of workload and required staff
  • management of working times and accounts
  • analysis and monitoring of the entire process
  • reporting on operational performance
  • forecasting profitability

EasyRoster Objectives

  • Rostering and posting the correct number of employees.
  • Of the correct skill / grade / rank as per the contractual requirements.
  • At the correct locations as per the contractual requirements.
  • Minimizing overtime / non-productive hours / over and under postings.
  • Forecasting profitability at each location (Wage to Revenue calculation per contract).


Facts about EasyRoster

  • Hundreds of companies in over 25 countries, use EasyRoster to manage their workforces efficiently
  • EasyRoster encourages the user to do the bulk of rostering (staff scheduling) as well as time and attendance (staff deployments) registration automatically
  • EasyRoster Deployment Manager (ERDM) empowers operational managers to manage staff deployments and time-and-attendance at sites in near real time, by interfacing seamlessly with existing reader (Biometric, RFID and Proximity card) technologies
  • A major design objective of EasyRoster is that of management by exception
  • The power of EasyRoster lies in its management information and reports
  • EasyRoster keeps track of manpower utilisation
  • EasyRoster will help you to reduce your wage bill, by providing information to enhance control over wage costs (labour costs)


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