Best shift scheduling software: 6 must-have features

Best shift scheduling software

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Not all shift scheduling software is made equal.

Differences come in what each one offers, the needs of your industry, and the services you provide.

In this article, discover why shift scheduling software is vital for companies who sell man-hours, and how to choose the right one.

Best shift scheduling software

Benefits of the best shift scheduling software

Although it would make sense for startups to focus on incorporating shift scheduling software at the core of their business right from the get-go, it’s still understandable if they are forced to use manual processes at first.

But for medium to large businesses, shift scheduling software is crucial, and even more so for the company who sells man hours. Here’s why:

  • Manually allocating shifts and time and attendance is extremely time consuming. When the cost of hours are calculated, you’ll be able to see how expensive it really is. Replacing manual processes with software significantly cuts down time and therefore cost.
  • No longer will buddy punching strain the budget, because the system eliminates the possibility of time theft.
  • Shift scheduling software streamlines the payroll process for substantially reduced errors that have the potential to incur major costs.
  • Scheduling mistakes are common when shifts are processed manually, but software cuts this out with built-in alarms.
  • Because there are less payment issues, staff have higher levels of job satisfaction.
  • When staff have the tools they need to perform their jobs well, they are happier. Equipping management with scheduling software is a tool they need to perform their duties satisfactorily and efficiently, so productivity is increased.

NB! Plan before buying

Before purchasing shift scheduling software, it is of utmost importance to understand your business needs.

It is crucial to make the software work around what the business needs, instead of the business working around the technology.

Get together with your team to brainstorm the best and most helpful way to structure operational processes, map out your ideal “wish list” processes, and only then, once you know what functionality the shift scheduling software should include, make your purchase.

It’s also essential to first test out the software, because sometimes the “fit” just isn’t there, and in reality, what works for one company will not work for another.

Best shift scheduling software

5 of the most important features of shift scheduling software

Each make of shift scheduling software will differ in terms of what it offers, but there are at least six features that are vital. The rest of the important features that make a particular software right for your business, will come from understanding what you wish to accomplish in your business processes and plans.

#1: User friendly

All software is built differently, and each will have a different “look and feel”. It must be easy to use.

Talking of user-friendly, make sure that the software makers provide good after-sales service; for example, EasyRoster not only comes with a knowledge base of questions and answers so that your staff can find solutions fast, but they can also get in touch with us via phone, email, our website contact form, or online Live Chat facility.

#2: Secure

Since shift scheduling software houses employee information, the company is obligated under information security law, to protect those details.

Best shift scheduling software

#3: Industry specific

Different industries require different features. The ideal solution would be to purchase an industry-made shift scheduling software, because it will include features that generic software won’t include. Some solutions can also be customized for your business.

The aim is to use as few technologies as possible, and which all integrate together, to form automated, hassle-free processes.

#4: Per location

When your business sells man hours, it is important to be able to schedule and manage staff per location. You should also be able to account for any staff member at any client, within seconds.

You should also be able to view employee data and costs at all client locations.

EasyRoster provides this functionality, and it’s one of the features we have that set our product apart from others.

#5: Easy integrations

The technology used in the operational side of your business should work together in harmony so that as many tasks as possible can be automated.

Make sure the shift scheduling software you choose allows for easy integration with the systems you already use, to avoid additional expense and effort.

#6: Reporting

Lastly, the reporting function is a must-have, as it allows the generation of reports for management to understand how the business is doing. The reporting feature is also essential to prove to clients that you are fulfilling contractual obligations.

Finally, reporting means that the business can make continual improvements, which is crucial for customer retention and auditing purposes.

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