How does employee timesheet software impact productivity?

employee timesheet software

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In the business world, they often say time is money, for a good reason. When selling a particular service, you are selling the time taken to complete that service. In this way, time is not only directly linked to productivity and success. How does a business ensure productivity within its working environment? The answer lies in employee timesheet software, also commonly known as employee time tracking.

What is time tracking?

Employee time tracking usually refers to how businesses log the working hours of their employees. This measurement of hours worked on projects or tasks is then used to ensure employees are compensated accordingly. 

Not only are time entries, in the form of employee timesheets, important for payroll, but they are also a safe way for managers to gauge where the employee’s time is going and how much time it takes to complete a specific task. When you know which tasks take the most time, you can reflect on whether that time is well spent. In other words, the importance of timesheets for employees is directly linked to productivity.

employee timesheet software

Why is tracking productivity important?

To understand why productivity is necessary, we need to understand what it is. In simple terms, productivity is a measure of economic performance that compares the amount of goods and services produced (output) with the amount of inputs used to make those goods and services. In other words, it measures how much time an employee takes to do a specific job or task and how well they did that task. Employee productivity is vital to the success of the business. Without your employees doing the duties required in the right time frame and correctly, your business will suffer.

The question now remains how do you effectively track productivity in the workplace? Many businesses have used a number of different tools over the years to manage this process. This includes using free online timesheets for employees or an Excel document to track employees’ time to measure productivity manually. The problem with this is that the chance of human error is dramatically high. This is why many businesses have now turned to technology such as employee timesheet software that provides detailed employee timesheet reports and time tracking.

Employee timesheet software uses automation to make the process of capturing employee time that much easier and vastly reduces human error. Employee timesheet software can also be referred to as a workforce management solution, time and attendance system or a clocking-in system.

employee timesheet software

Instant benefits of using a time tracking software

There are several benefits that employers can experience when using an employee timesheet software solution. This includes:

Managing labour costs more efficiently

By utilising this kind of solution, businesses can gain an accurate view of all labour costs and, with this insight, avoid overpaying and underpaying and manage overtime more effectively.

Accurately forecasting demand

Time and attendance technology allows operations managers to accurately forecast demand and resource requirements for the future based on historical data.

Identify what’s working

With this kind of system, you can gain insight into what is working and what is not, including best-performing employees, problem areas, and where improvements can be made.

Streamline operations and processes

Time and attendance tracking provide accurate information and reports that can be used across departments for more effective decision making.

Enhances employee effort

When employees know they are being monitored, they usually are less likely to get distracted from non-work-related tasks. Monitoring employees can also provide insight into problems you can directly address with employees building the relationship and opening lines of communication.

Saves time

With this kind of solution, an operations manager can effectively schedule employees across various locations, work out over time, process timesheets etc. This would usually take a significant amount of time if done manually, but this software only takes a few clicks.

Provides client transparency

When clients are being billed for employee working hours, it goes without saying that your company has to provide proof that your clients are getting what they are paying for. Timesheet software offers an easy way of reporting the number of hours worked for clients.

employee timesheet software


From the above, it is clear that employee timesheet software plays a vital role in ensuring employees’ productivity and the business’s overall success. Employee timesheet software helps to manage labour costs, identify problems, measure productivity, streamline processes, provide more transparency, help reduce payroll errors, and more. So if you are a business still relying on Excel timesheets and are looking for a better way to manage timesheets for employees in South Africa through employee timesheet software, look no further than EasyRoster. EasyRoster will provide your business with all the benefits mentioned above and more. Book a demo today.

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