Gain clarity and make better business decisions with EasyRoster BI Dashboards

Experience the freedom to customise the way you view your EasyRoster data like never before. With a range of formats at your disposal, including graphs, tables, and reports, you can effortlessly access and visualise your data in the way that suits you best. 

What are EasyRoster Dashboards?

EasyRoster Dashboards are powerful data visualisation tools that offer a dynamic and customisable view of your EasyRoster data. Consolidate your reports, customise data structures, and choose from various formats like graphs, tables, or reports to simplify operations and streamline reporting. Gain valuable insights, make data-driven decisions, and take control of your business with confidence. 


Available to all EasyRoster customers

EasyRoster Dashboards are available exclusively to existing EasyRoster customers, providing you with immediate access to enhanced data visualisation and reporting capabilities.

View your dashboards using a web browser

Accessing EasyRoster BI Dashboards with EasyRoster Cloud Version is effortless as they can be conveniently accessed through any web browser, ensuring you can securely access your information anywhere.

Actual vs Schedual 1

Example: Shifts Actual vs Schedule

Gain a quick overview of site resource coverage tailored to your needs. This example dashboard highlights any short postings in shifts and hours, allowing busy site managers and controllers to promptly identify and address problems. With colour-coded information, you can easily pinpoint staffing shortages or surpluses, ensuring efficient workforce management.

Example Dashboard: Revenue and Cost Breakdown

This example Revenue And Cost Breakdown dashboard caters to area and operations managers focused on maintaining profitability. This insightful view breaks down revenue and costs, highlighting any disparities between actuals and schedules, enabling easy identification of areas for improvement. With the Revenue And Cost Breakdown dashboard, managers gain quick access to accurate data for their respective areas of responsibility, empowering informed decision-making. Effectively manage costs and achieve financial targets by closely monitoring revenue and costs. Take proactive measures to enhance profitability through timely corrective actions.


Experience Data Clarity Now!

Say goodbye to rigid reports and fixed data structures. With EasyRoster BI Dashboards, you can quickly consolidate reports and customise your data views to match your preferences.

Existing EasyRoster customers, don’t wait any longer! Contact us today to unlock the potential of our customisable BI dashboards. Transform your reporting processes, simplify operations, and elevate your business to new heights with EasyRoster BI Dashboards. Enhance your EasyRoster solution now!