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Trusted by hundreds of organisations in over 30 countries

Built for the needs of cleaning companies

EasyRoster has been built with over 25 years of experience and knowledge and is trusted globally by small and large cleaning companies alike. It includes features that are built to cater to the needs of the cleaning industry, and as such, enhances planning, execution and reporting and simplifies management.

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Shift management at client locations

EasyRoster acts as a tool to assist managers in managing cleaners at your client’s locations

Not only does this improve operational efficiency and save costs, but it also helps your marketing and sales teams to promote and sell your services.

Increased productivity and efficiency

Our workforce management software automates rostering, which increases productivity and the efficiency of the rostering process, as it frees up staff to do more important things than work on the same tasks over and over again.

EasyRoster integrates with clocking technologies in order to register attendance automatically. Once the attendance has been registered for a period, EasyRoster is able to export payroll transactions to your payroll system thereby minimising payroll errors and speeding up the payroll process dramatically.

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Optimise your operational efficiency

Minimise manual scheduling through our workforce management software that provides functionality for the setting up of rules according to which automatic scheduling should take place.

Minimise manual attendance registration by either using the roster as the basis for automatic attendance registration whereafter exceptions are captured manually, or use clocking technologies to register attendance automatically.

Minimise wage costs

With respect to operations, reports highlight incorrect rostering and attendance in terms of the number and/or grades of cleaners rostered or posted at a site, projected and actual wage costs, overtime, non-productive time, site profitability etc.

EasyRoster provides you with the ability to forecast wage costs including overtime, non-productive time, allowances etc. per cleaner and per site, based on the roster.

In short, these reports enable an operations manager to keep day-to-day control of operations in order to ensure that costs are kept to a minimum and cleaner requirements are precisely met.

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Control Attendance exceptions

Easily identify and control exceptions such as Absenteeism, Leave, IOD, Training, Suspensions, under/over postings etc.

Manage Labour Hours and
Shifts at Maximum Efficiency

EasyRoster’s advanced scheduling software gives you full control over your clients staffing requirements in minutes, improving overall effeciency and profits

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