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EasyRoster Workforce Management software empowers managers to improve labour efficiency and meet client human resource requirements by providing tools to ensure efficient rostering and posting of personnel at locations.

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EasyRoster has been built to help you to roster and post the correct number of employees of the correct skill, grade or rank, for the correct shifts, at the right locations as per your contractual requirements.

Our workforce management software helps you to minimise overtime, non-productive hours, as well as over and under posting, ensuring the best profit margins per location.

Contract and Human Resource management

The contract management functionality ensures that the contract values and requirements are known so that schedules and attendance may be measured according to client requirements. The human resource management functionality ensures that all personnel details are known with a view to scheduling and posting the correct people at the correct sites.

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Contract Management

Staff scheduling and Time & Attendance per location

The staff scheduling functionality allows managers to create a master schedule by allocating personnel to sites or locations with shift patterns, hours, times, allowances and rates for the purposes of creating site rosters automatically for each period.

The Time & Attendance functionality allows managers to automatically post personnel according to site rosters and then post the exceptions manually. Clocking devices may also be used to post attendance details automatically.

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Staff Scheduling

Management Reporting

EasyRoster provides managers with the option to generate more than 100 different types of reports with a view to improving labour utilisation and efficiency while meeting client requirements.

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Personel Management

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Managing various shifts, across multiple locations is now easier than ever before with our advanced rostering software

EasyRoster Integrations


EasyRoster integrates seamlessly with payroll systems as well as industry-leading operational systems such as Trackforce, Oryx Listener and Online Intelligence.

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Workforce management for your industry

We’ve spent over 25 years perfecting workforce management software for industries that sell man hours to their clients across multiple locations.

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