5 best employee scheduling software features to look out for

employee scheduling software

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What is Employee Scheduling Software?

Your tedious and tiring admin process, now fully automated – that’s what employee scheduling software is. It’s the automated process of creating schedules that are easily and digitally maintainable.

Employing this sort of software not only increases the efficiency of your admin processes but also allows for less time spent and improved productivity.

employee scheduling software

The Key Features of Employee Scheduling Software

Digitalisation and automation through software are intended to improve processes and speed up tasks that would otherwise require too much time if done manually. There are many features of using either free or premium employee shift management systems. These include monitoring time and task management of individual employees, having one place to store all contracts and HR-related documents, as well as synced calendars that are accessible to all team members. 

But what exactly are the key features included in employee scheduling software that you should consider when choosing the one that’s right for you?

employee scheduling software

Here are 5 key features to look out for:

1. Dynamic Visual Calendars

Employee scheduling programs like Homebase feature engaging calendars that provide a clear overview of the tasks, duties and shifts employees are allocated for the month ahead. These sorts of calendars are a key feature as they are easy to comprehend and leave little to no room for error. And generally, these calendars feature the ability to colour code items making them even more simple to understand. 

2. Built-In Time Off Requesting & Approvals

Integration is the key to digitalisation. So when it comes to employee shift scheduling software, you’d almost expect other staff management and HR administrative items to be integrated, right? 

When shopping around for a software system that meets your specific needs be sure to look for integrations like these. Unfortunately, most free scheduling programs don’t include these features. But if you’re going to make a monetary commitment through a monthly fee, these are a must.

3. Shift Swapping & Shuffling

Having to relook and rearrange an approved schedule because someone has requested a change can be annoying, especially when the software you’re using doesn’t allow for this easily. And this is bound to happen at least once regardless of the size of your team. That’s why it is imperative that the software you choose features the ability to easily make the necessary changes. Sling and Find My Shift are great free options if a shift swapping feature is high on your list of expectations. 

4. Timesheet Reporting & Analytics

Getting accurate and reliable feedback from your employees can be tough. Especially when it comes to time management and task completion. That’s why work scheduling software that has the integrated ability to automatically report on your employee’s timesheets and work analytics is incredibly beneficial. 

Software systems like 7Shifts and Fieldcode have analytic features and integrations that work to provide full detailed reports whenever they’re required. 

5. Schedule Export Options

The final key feature to look out for when choosing an employee shift management application is the ability to import and export data. Being able to schedule shifts, track time and attendance, and communicate with employees is all good and well. But the added benefit of exporting such data makes compiling and keeping records of individuals that much easier. Exporting individual employee attendance records on a monthly basis makes implementing various payroll systems so much simpler.

EasyRoster Employee Scheduling Software

How Does EasyRoster Compare to Other Employee Scheduling Software?

Would it be too simple to say that EasyRoster does it all? A software system built in anticipation of every potential need the client could have. Our features include being able to schedule shifts on either a team or individual level, the sharing and syncing of calendars across teams, a facility with which to export attendance details to payroll systems. Further features include limiting pay queries and the option to generate over a hundred different kinds of reports automatically.

Why choose EasyRoster over free scheduling software or even other paid options? We offer world-class support both in a remote capacity and on-site, meaning you’re never left in the dark or to your own devices. We also offer training and consulting to those who need it. We believe in being a helping hand to all clients and so we work to assist managers to understand their internal issues, as well as how EasyRoster as a tool is key to resolving these. 

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