Why you need security guard scheduling software: 7 big benefits

Why You Need Security Guard Scheduling Software: 7 Big Benefits

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Scheduling and attendance are at the core of any company in the security industry. Automating scheduling and time and attendance with security guard scheduling software is the fastest way to the biggest impact on your bottom line.

It’s the number one way to see results fast.

Here’s why:

#1: Save time

Prior to automating their scheduling, Securiguard, a company that has 300 employees on its payroll, used spreadsheets to track time and attendance; a time-consuming affair.

Operational managers from all locations were responsible for maintaining timesheets, which would be submitted to the finance department every Month for payroll.

Every security guard’s hours were manually entered. Finalizing payroll for 300 employees would take about four days.

Security Guard Scheduling Software: Save Time

By using security guard scheduling software that integrated with payroll, Securiguard cut payroll processing time by 50%. That excludes the time (and cost of that time) of each ops manager who was required to manually submit timesheets.

Since scheduling is at the heart of operations, with most other tasks revolving around it, security guard scheduling software removes the manual processes, speeding things up significantly. What once took hours, can be completed in minutes.

Time is saved due to:

  • Streamlining and automating shift scheduling.
  • Digitizing security guard scheduling.
  • Integrating clocking technologies.
  • Integrating with payroll systems.
  • Digitizing the management of overtime.
  • The ability to locate security guards fast via the software.
  • Ability to create schedules fast.
  • Avoiding scheduling conflicts.
  • Improving workflow.
  • Increased productivity.

Creating just one schedule in Excel can take a few hours, and it also can’t account for every process. Then, there’s the time-consuming task of communicating schedules to employees. With 500 security guards, the company needed a better way of shift scheduling and recording time and attendance.

By implementing guard scheduling software, the company was able to grow from 500 to 1400 employees. (Source)

#2: Provides insights

Security guard scheduling software provides deep and meaningful insights around the staffing of your guards. This ensures continual service improvements.

Security Guard Scheduling Software: Provides Insight

Reporting to customers is enhanced because the software gives a solid view as to how they are spending their money.

#3: Provide flexibility

When shift scheduling in the security industry is in the cloud, it allows employees who have been given access, to work from anywhere, on any device.

That means greater flexibility for staff and management who can access the software no matter where they are, so long as they have a device and an internet connection.

#4: Maintain a quality reputation

Ensure reliability and customer satisfaction, because security guard scheduling software eliminates human error and assists in reporting to clients.

Using software instead of Excel spreadsheets gives businesses in the security industry the edge over their competitors.

#5: Forecast requirements

Forecasting becomes easy; all it takes is a click to retrieve management reports that allow for informed decisions around:

  • Employee absence and leave.
  • Profitability per location.
  • Overtime hours per employee or per location.
  • Non-productive hours per location.
  • Overposting and under postings by location.
Security Guard Scheduling Software: Forecast

#6: Identify problem areas

Planning is significantly simplified and problem areas identified because all managerial and analytical information is stored in the system in order to add value to your business.

For example, managers can check into and analyse time and attendance, hours worked, and anything to do with any of the operational inputs.

#7: Save money

Sustainability means that every business should always aim to reduce costs. Security guard scheduling software means daily, mundane tasks are automated.

Because of this, the time it would take employees to conduct those tasks manually, and the expense per hour wasted, increases cost as opposed to reducing cost.

With automation tools like EasyRoster, your business reduces expenditure by increasing staff availability, as well as improving workflow, productivity and reliability, all of which contribute to cost reduction.

Security Guard Scheduling Software: Save Money

Your human resources are your most expensive asset; cutting out time wasted on repetitive tasks that can be automated, frees them up to do work that provides more business value.

A final word on Security Guard Scheduling Software

Security guard scheduling software drastically decreases expenditure because it saves time, decreases the number of staff required for operational tasks, offers flexibility to employees and management, provides an improved customer experience, allows for better decisions, makes it easy to identify problems, all of which saves your business money.

EasyRoster provides the means for analysis, and the identification and rectification of inefficiencies during the scheduling process so that they are not carried forward into the operational process before they are made, and streamlines processes in order to maximise efficiency and therefore, the bottom line.

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