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Workforce Management (WFM) tools have become an integral part of running a modern business effectively. Their adoption is especially crucial in sectors that demand meticulous planning and management of employee activities, such as the cleaning services industry. The transition from traditional, manual approaches to sophisticated digital systems has been nothing short of transformative, streamlining how employees and managers tackle daily tasks and enhancing operational efficiency.

Gone are the days of dealing with cumbersome paper trails and static spreadsheets. Today’s workforce management solutions offer seamless tracking of employee schedules, absence management, and a raft of other features that simplify complex processes. By leveraging such management tools, businesses can turn their attention to refining core services and objectives, rather than getting weighed down by administrative overheads.

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The Evolution of Workforce Management Tools

The progression from paper-based systems to today’s advanced workforce management tools tells a story of technological improvement and a quest for deeper operational insights. In the beginning, managing a workforce, particularly in demanding industries like cleaning services, meant wrestling with stacks of paper. This method was slow and error-prone, leading to operational inefficiencies at various organisational levels.

For both managers and employees, these systems are much more than just digital timesheets—they offer increased control over work schedules and a transparent view of performance. The outcome is a workforce management solution that can swiftly adapt to the dynamic needs of the business, empower employees with greater autonomy, and aid managers in tackling pain points with accuracy and ease.

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5 Must-Have Features in Workforce Management Tools

When considering a workforce management system like EasyRoster, several features stand out for their ability to streamline operations and empower both managers and employees. Here are the top five features that EasyRoster provides to enhance your workforce management:

1. Advanced Rostering Techniques 

With over 25 years of refinement, EasyRoster delivers proven rostering methods that allow planners to efficiently manage workforces across various sites. This functionality ensures that the correct number of personnel, with the appropriate skills and qualifications, are rostered for the right shifts, optimising both service delivery and on-site profitability.

2. Time and Attendance per Client Site

EasyRoster simplifies the monitoring of attendance with flexible time and attendance solutions that integrate seamlessly with a variety of third-party devices. This feature ensures precise attendance tracking at each site, which is fundamental for accurate wage cost management and operational coverage.

3. Payroll Exports 

Automating the payroll export process, EasyRoster not only eliminates the need for manual data entry but also significantly reduces the risk of payroll errors. This feature is particularly crucial in service industries where payroll complexity can escalate quickly, taking into account overtime, standby allowances, and actual hours worked. By ensuring accurate and on-time payroll processing, EasyRoster contributes to better financial management and enhances employee satisfaction. This precision is vital for maintaining compliance and ensuring employees receive the correct compensation for their efforts, ultimately fostering a motivated and committed workforce.

4. Reporting and Analytics 

Armed with a comprehensive suite of reports, EasyRoster equips managers with the data needed to make informed decisions. These reports help in monitoring adherence to planned schedules, attendance discrepancies, wage costs, and site profitability, enabling managers to maintain daily control and optimise workforce allocation.

5. Flexible Business Rules 

EasyRoster’s system is designed to be highly customisable, allowing the creation of tailored business rules that cater to specific operational requirements. This includes defining shift types, wage rules, and various allowances, ensuring the system flexibly aligns with the unique processes of your business.

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EasyRoster as a Workforce Management Tool

Selecting the right workforce management tool is crucial, and EasyRoster emerges as an especially tailored solution for service industries such as cleaning and security. Developed from over 25 years of industry expertise, EasyRoster focuses on maximising labour efficiency and addressing the unique challenges within these sectors.

Contract and Site Management 

EasyRoster offers comprehensive contract management capabilities, allowing operational managers to maintain a detailed overview of each site. This includes managing contract details, shift hours and times, and specific personnel requirements. By comparing rostered hours or shifts against site requirements, EasyRoster ensures that service delivery aligns precisely with client contracts, contributing to optimal job allocation and performance monitoring.

Personnel Management and Staff Scheduling 

The management of personnel details is seamless with EasyRoster. The system stores crucial information such as contact details, skills, qualifications, and performance records securely. Furthermore, staff scheduling is tailored per location, with both manual and automated rostering options, to ensure that the right employees are present at the correct sites. After scheduling, the system’s powerful reporting tools allow management to confirm that rosters meet client demands and operational efficiency.

Time and Attendance Tracking 

Capturing exact attendance details is simplified, providing a straightforward method to adjust records and manage wage costs effectively. EasyRoster not only monitors unproductive time but also integrates with third-party time and attendance systems, ensuring that personnel arrive and depart from sites as scheduled. This real-time information empowers operational managers to quickly address any over or under postings, and, if necessary, identify and deploy replacement personnel without incurring overtime costs.

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Minimising Wage Costs 

Beyond improving payroll processing, EasyRoster’s robust reporting and analytical capabilities offer insights into potential roster inefficiencies, alignment of personnel grades at sites, wage cost projections, and actual expenses. This intelligence enables operational managers to exert real-time control over operations, ensuring that labour costs are optimised and resource requirements are met accurately.

Flexible Business Rules 

EasyRoster’s customisability is a significant benefit, allowing for the creation of tailored business rules. These rules can include shift types, wage rules, allowances, and more, providing a workforce management solution that perfectly fits the unique operations of your business.

By adopting EasyRoster, businesses can increase operational agility in response to market demands and client needs while also positively affecting overall profitability. It’s not just about enhancing efficiency; it’s also about investing in the morale and engagement of your employees, making sure they remain at the heart of your operational strategy.


Over the years, workforce management tools have continued to evolve. On the market today, there are several different software solutions available to enhance the efficiency of workforce management within a business. Still, you need to find the right fit for your business needs. Luckily, EasyRoster ticks all of the workforce management boxes and enables you to effectively manage your workforce, labour efficiency, and costs. For more on how this solution works, book a demo today.

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