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Time Tracking Software

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How do most businesses measure an employee’s productivity levels and efficiency? It is often done with a time productivity tracker or software for tracking employee time. This kind of innovative software has become necessary across industries and businesses wanting to enhance operations, grow, and ensure they are meeting all customer contact requirements. Let’s look at how employee time tracking software can impact a business and some of the most popular software solutions on the market.

Time Tracking Software

Overview of time tracking software

To understand the type of value that this particular software offers businesses for employee time tracking, it is essential to define what time tracking software does. This kind of software is used by operations managers to track employee productivity related to recorded worked hours. This information is then utilised for budgeting, billing, payroll, and operational functions. This software allows employees to capture the time they are spending on particular tasks, providing valuable insight into your operations, and will help you make important and informed business decisions.

 Until recently, many businesses were relying on manual spreadsheets to try and track time, but this takes a lot of time to capture the data or search for a specific query and is often filled with several errors. The software for employee time tracking takes the hassle and stress out of this process and streamlines it to enhance overall operational efficiency and accuracy.

Benefits of time tracking software

Not only does time tracking software enhance efficiency and accuracy it also has several other benefits that include:

  • Increase productivity – this software optimises the work capacity of your team and its members, allowing you to meet your customer deadline requirements. It also highlights what is expected from each employee to enhance accountability.
  • Effortless work hour log capturing – these solutions enable your employees to easily record their worked hours necessary for billings. This team time tracking is often integrated into the payroll system, making it quick, efficient, and straightforward for your finance staff to calculate wages and invoicing.  
  • Reduces the number of queries and disputes – this software promotes transparency by tracking billable hours. This data can provide quick feedback on disputes and questions and can also be utilised to evaluate staff performance.

The 4 Best time tracking software solutions 

There is no doubt that employees’ time tracking software and time tracking apps play an essential role in business success and operational efficiency. This is why there are so many different options on the market for tracking employee time. Below we highlight the four best time tracking software solutions that are available:

1.    Monday.com

This software solution has several different modules that include an employee tracking module. With this module, you will get exact time frames and be able to track these at any time and from anywhere. You will also be able to see the details of who is working on what project or job. This can be broken down in a number of ways that include time, projects, and tasks.

2.    Buddy Punch

This employee time tracking solution has several different capabilities that include GPS tracking, vacation tracking, and also allows you to set reminders. It has a customisable interface and will assist with employee scheduling, management, and monitoring. This solution has several login options, including facial recognition, and allows you to create unique project rules that apply to different employees. 

3.    Homebase

This time tracking solution can be utilised on any device and offers managers and employees mobile application capabilities. It also has a number of features that include payroll exports, team messaging, chats, email support, and more. This solution provides a GPS-based clock-in system that can also work in offline mode.

4.    EasyRoster

This solution is by far the most impressive on the market, especially where shift work and the service industry is concerned. The capturing of actual attendance details is done per location and may be done manually or automatically. The EasyRoster Deployment Manager (ERDM) system aims to empower operational managers to manage staff deployments at sites in near real-time from the office, and at the same time record time and attendance details automatically in EasyRoster. The operation of ERDM is brought about by personnel checking in and out of sites.  Either biometric (fingerprint), RFID, or proximity card technologies may be used during the personnel checking process at a site. Once a person has checked in or out, the message will be relayed over a network to the location of the ERDM.  In this way, an operational manager will ensure that (as far as possible) the scheduled persons arrive at the correct sites at the right times and leave at the correct times.  At the same time, the operational manager will easily be able to identify over and under postings so that the appropriate action can be taken immediately to rectify the situation.

Time Tracking Software


Employee time tracking software solutions are proving to be invaluable to businesses. These solutions are making it easier to track employee productivity and operational efficiency. With this software becoming such a necessity, there are several excellent options on the market. EasyRoster continues to be the employee time tracking software of choice for businesses in the cleaning, security, and service industry. Book a demo today for more on how EasyRoster can transform your business.

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