Attendance management software: what is it & how can it benefit my business?

attendance management software

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Traditional means of managing your team’s attendance and effectiveness, although somewhat practical, are incredibly outdated. Not only does technology work to improve time management and the efficiency of completing administrative tasks, but it streamlines and integrates a plethora of traditionally separate tasks.

But what exactly is attendance management software? And is employing this kind of software truly worth it? Read on for more on how software tools like EasyRoster can improve your business operations.

What is Attendance Management Software?

Exactly what it sounds like, attendance management software is a digital means of tracking your team’s attendance and overall contribution. It would be too simple of a solution to just track hours spent at work, and so these sorts of software cover a broader spectrum of administrative and scheduling tasks.

attendance management software

How can Attendance Management Systems Benefit your Business?

Attendance management software systems bring a number of features and benefits to the table. Here are five of their noteworthy features and subsequent benefits:

1. Calendar and Scheduling Integration

Managing the schedules and calendars of individuals, teams and departments is an administrative task that can become complicated really quickly. With an attendance management software system in place, you gain access to an overview-style digital calendar that can clearly outline and detail schedules across teams and departments.

Aside from the clarity that this provides, an added benefit is that these calendars can be synced with third-party applications like Google calendar and Outlook. One look at a digital calendar, and you can gauge the availability of teams both on-site and remote.

2. Attendance Analytics and Reporting

Collating attendance data and creating performance reports is typically the tiresome and tedious job of an HR representative. However, when an attendance management system is in place, the running of the system and accurately generating the reports become the primary task.

This is a major benefit as it means that HR and administrative staff are able to focus their efforts and attention on more ‘important’ tasks that cannot be completed by technology.

3. Leave and Overtime Management

In the same way that your attendance management system plays a role in managing time and attendance and assists in planning out schedules, a system that’s worth your while will have a leave and overtime management function. With this feature, missed workdays won’t be marked as absent and instead, employees will get the chance to apply for leave and half days.

4. Payroll Integration

When your attendance management system is linked to payroll, your life is made easier. The system calculates employee compensation out per minute spent working and reconciles any leave days, paid time off or overtime worked for the month. An attendance management software that’s worth your time will support hourly compensation and flexible payments.

5. Clocking in and out, and Missed Clock-in Alerts

The reason you’re employing an attendance management software tool in the first place: tracking attendance. Employees should be able to clock in and out and register regular break periods throughout their workday. The software you choose should enable this without hassle. An added benefit is if your software sends alerts for missed clock-in times.


What can EasyRoster Workforce Management Software offer your Business?

EasyRoster is an industry-leading attendance and workforce management software tool that includes all of the above-mentioned features and benefits, and more. Our clients choose us because we offer a unique set of features and tools that make it possible for managers to make decisions maximises labor efficiency.

Additional Specific Benefits of EasyRoster

  • Contract management – Managing the details and value of individual contracts; managing shift hours and times; managing site allowances, personnel requirements and site allowances.
  • Personnel management – Managing identification, contact and wage details; allocating allowances; managing and maintaining skills and qualification evaluations.
  • Staff scheduling per location – Managing profits made per business location; ensuring the assignment of correctly ranked personnel to the correct sites; limiting overtime and non-productive time.

EasyRoster truly does offer it all. If you’re interested in learning more about EasyRoster and how we can work together to improve the efficiency of your security company, get in touch to book a demo with our team today. 

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