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Shift Roster Excel Template: How to Set it Up4 min read

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Shift Roster Excel Template: How useful are they?

Did you know that on average, managers spend almost half a day every week on employee scheduling?

How much money is that costing you?

If you’re not yet ready to optimise security staff allocation with roster software, your next best bet is an Excel spreadsheet template that can be used over and over again.

Simplify the process with this handy shift roster Excel template guide.

Considerations when setting up a staff roster

You may already be an old hat at this, and looking for smart ways of doing things. Or perhaps you’re just getting started with employee shift schedules. In that case, to avoid wasting time and money, there are some things that need to be considered before setting it all up:

Shift Roster Excel Template

Which type of roster would suit your needs?

There are different types of rosters, but the following three are the most popular across various industries:

  1. Duty rosters. This type of work schedule is used by managers to avoid duplication of scheduling more employees to do the same duties, on the same shift.
  2. Flexible rosters. A flexible workday schedule may be necessary to accommodate a company’s requirements. Typically, it would cater to a work schedule of 08h30 to 17h00, Monday to Thursday, and on Friday from 08h00 to 12h00.
  3. Staggered rosters. Companies that experience greater activity in parts of the workday will find a staggered roster beneficial.

First, plan

  1. Plan the roster around the needs of the business before you begin adding employee names. Ideally, allocate shifts and responsibilities based on hourly rates, followed by individual requests. Start the roster week on the busiest day, and fill the busiest shifts with the most experienced and skilled employees.
  2. It is helpful to build in wage cost as the staff roster is being created, before you find that the cost of wages exceeds the allocated budget.
  3. Schedule the roster with enough time to allow staff to check it, plan for personal obligations and request changes.

Once the roster has been created…

  1. Double-check that everyone has been allocated their off days.
  2. Encourage employees to check their roster and provide feedback where necessary.
  3. To cut down on paper, time and effort, it’s a good idea to upload the roster online so that staff can check it.
Free Shift Roster Excel Template Download

Create your own roster

Simply follow this simple rotation schedule template guide to easily create an employee shift schedule that can be reused over and over. Alternatively, download a free shift roster Excel template, or even better, consider simplifying the entire process and saving time and money with security guard scheduling software:

Steps to creating your own shift roster Excel template

You have three options:

  1. Use a made-by Excel spreadsheet template that you can alter, or
  2. Build your own Excel template from scratch, or
  3. Download EasyRoster’s free shift roster Excel spreadsheet.

Option #1:Using an Excel spreadsheet template you can tweak

  1. Open Microsoft Excel.
  2. Click “File”.
  3. Click “New.”
  4. In the search bar, type, “schedule” and then “Enter”.
  5. Scroll through the templates to find one that will suit your needs.
  6. Double click, and then click, “Create”.
  7. Make changes to the template but don’t add any names to it yet. You want to first create your template. You may need to spend some time altering it into what will work for you, and perhaps as you use it the first few times, you may find you need to make more changes until it’s perfected.
  8. Click “Save as template”.
  9. Now make a copy of the template to set up a roster with names.

Option #2: Build an Excel template from scratch

  1. Open Microsoft Excel.
  2. Click “File”.
  3. Click “New.”
  4. Now you just have to create the roster according to your needs.
  5. Save as a template, then copy the template to add names.

Option #3: Download a specially made business Excel template

  1. Download a free, customisable security guard shift roster Excel spreadsheet template HERE.
  2. Once it’s downloaded, double click the icon to open it.
  3. If you need to, make changes to the template without adding any names to it yet. Once you have it the way you need it, save it and then make a copy to start adding names.

Whichever method you choose, now that you have a template, all you need to do every time you require a new roster is copy the template, add names and voila!


Imagine something a lot easier than this, and which would save you a whole lot of time and effort…a software that did all this for you, and more.

Shift Roster Excel Template

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