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The reliance on automation has grown over the last few years. And in our post-COVID world, it has become more important than ever in managing the day-to-day operations of any given business. But what is workforce automation? How do you go about implementing it correctly? And what are the real benefits of these automated systems? In this blog, we answer these questions and provide clearer insight into the exact ways workforce automation can work to up your business’s game across the board.

What is Workforce Automation? 

Simply put, workforce automation is the involvement of digital software and applications in an effort to save time spent on consuming tasks. Such automation results in streamlined workflows and more “freed-up” time to allocate to more pressing or skills-based tasks. 

When done right, workforce automation means enhanced effectiveness in daily business operations and improved management of shift scheduling along with other HR-related tasks. 

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Which Workforce Management Tasks can be Automated? 

When automating parts of your business, it’s important to choose the areas and tasks that when automated will actually be improved, as opposed to trying to automate everything. That said, these are the areas that we recommend you consider automating: 

1. Scheduling & Shift Rosters

Work schedules and shift rosters are some of the most important parts of running a business and managing a team. And there’s very little worse than an incorrect or poorly structured roster. By automating this task, you eliminate the time and effort of it all. The result? A roster with guaranteed accuracy.  

Note: Your roster is only as accurate as the data you input, so it may take a few trials before you find the right equation for your team. 

2. Time Keeping & Attendance Management

It takes time to keep time. And tracking attendance is more frustrating than it needs to be. By automating the task of keeping time and attendance through a software solution, you can choose how you record time and attendance, as well as who approves and reviews employee timesheets. 

Spreadsheets are a thing of the past. With automation, your employees can request leave, you can track attendance and absences, and you can keep up-to-date records of it all. Tracking individual employees and storing their information in one place makes other admin systems such as payroll easier to manage.

3. Skills & Training Tracking 

The more employees you have, the harder it becomes to track, verify and follow-up on training, qualifications and up-skilling efforts. By automating this task and those directly associated with it, you are able to track and assess employees individually. With our solution, you have the option of setting alerts well in advance of employee certificate renewals.


Benefits of Workforce Automation 

The automation of time-consuming HR tasks through technology has benefited companies across industries in a number of ways for a good few years now. Traditionally, your HR department is responsible for a long list of tasks including payroll, employee contract management, report generation, time and attendance tracking, to name a few. By employing AI-based software, you are able to mitigate the risk of human error, and as previously mentioned, significantly reduce the amount of time needed for completing these tasks. 

How can EasyRoster Assist Your Business with Workforce Automation?

EasyRoster features all you need for workforce automation within your business and comes with a number of benefits that will significantly streamline your admin operations. Our favourite features are as follows: 

  • Contract Management – Capture and manage the details of each location and team in one place
  • Personnel Management – Manage the details of individual employment contracts in one place 
  • Staff Scheduling per Location – Automatically schedule, update and manage staff shift roasters per location 
  • Time & Attendance per Location – Capture and manage attendance of individuals per location automatically and make scheduling adjustments when necessary
  • Minimise Wage Costs – Manage information and generate reports for a number of sectors within your business. Sales, finance and operations are a few of the many departments that will benefit from reporting provided by EasyRoster. 

The integration of third-party systems and apps, as well as the level of consistent support provided by EasyRoster are a few of the additional features you can expect when choosing to use our software. Visit our website for more information on our features and benefits


Technology will continue to improve the way businesses operate, and those who aren’t effectively making use of software or digital systems will soon find themselves falling behind. If you’re interested in employing a system like ours but aren’t entirely convinced, now is the time to book a demo with our team. Enquire today, and have an EasyRoster expert take you through the ins and outs of the platform before you commit and invest in our solution. Sound good? Book a demo today!

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