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Workforce Solutions For 3 of The Most Pressing Challenges8 min read

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We’ve taken the most pressing problems that management face today regarding their employees, and provided workforce solutions that add value.

Grab a cup of coffee and let’s get down to it:

3 Top workforce management (WFM) issues today

We’ve identified the biggest problems managers are facing today with regard to workforce scheduling:

  1. Getting relevant data for meaningful insights
  2. Unpredictable work schedules
  3. Difficulty scheduling workers at multiple locations

Right. Now we’ve listed the most challenging issues managers are facing with regard to staffing and scheduling, let’s explore the workforce solutions:

Workforce Management Solution Data

#1 Getting relevant data for meaningful insights

Obtaining meaningful insights from data collected can help organisations to:

  • Improve employee retention rates
  • Establish recruiting effectiveness
  • Help with creating incentives
  • Identify the next leaders
  • Gauge employee morale
  • Find out who your most valuable employees are
  • Identify in-house mentors to coach others
  • Establish tasks that can be automated

Getting meaningful data around employees can be difficult when performed manually, but it’s not impossible, as long as you invest in either hiring an Excel guru to develop a digital reporting template that can be automated, or your company has someone with that kind of skill set, you can get it done at no charge.

The alternative is workforce management software that automates scheduling and time and attendance data with just a click, and then produces many different views of the data in order to add value.

Stressed Workforce Schedule

#2 Unpredictable work schedules

Using General Social Survey (GSS) data, we see that the people who are most prone to unpredictable work schedules are the lower income employees, causing the very people who most need predictability, the most stress from the workplace as well as conflict between family members.

The consequences of irregular shifts to these people include:

  • Difficulty finding childminders
  • Interrupted sleeping patterns
  • Greater risk of accidents or injuries
  • Hard to set a budget because pay is unpredictable
  • Due to insufficient notice of upcoming schedules, life is made uncertain and harder
  • Hard to keep or get government aid
  • They will not request changes as they are afraid of being let go
  • Increased stress and prone to other illnesses caused by stress
  • Psychological problems due to stress
  • Performance issues
  • Social problems

It is these reasons – care of fellow human beings – that make it critical for companies to sort out their workforce management systems. In addition, organisations also benefit by keeping employees satisfied in order to keep turnover low.

Workforce solutions: Happy Staff

The most effective way to do is with the use of scheduling software like EasyRoster, which makes it easy to perform on-target forecasting to meet service level agreements. Predictive forecasting helps to accurately forecast and schedule workers and managers are able to develop strategies for grade/rank scheduling and shift preferences.

WFM software is able to predict staffing requirements across multiple sites.

If for whatever reason your business needs to stick with a manual scheduling management system, download your free copy of an Excel spreadsheet template, but aim to keep the schedule as predictable as possible, bearing in mind the consequences of irregularity to your worker’s personal lives.

#3 Difficulty scheduling workers at multiple locations

Scheduling workers at multiple locations can overwhelm management. In addition, there may be employees whose schedules could accidentally overlap at various locations at one given time.

This particular challenge leads to other problems that face a workforce, like irregular scheduling as discussed above, and can also derail the control of labour costs.

Workforce solutions: Multiple Locations

While some organisations still use paper for scheduling, or an Excel spreadsheet, a workforce management solution like EasyRoster dramatically decreases time and human error when scheduling workers at multiple locations.

Digital workforce management solutions easily solve the issues of multi-location staff scheduling, including overlaps by showing or alerting management of conflicts before they arise.

Software that caters to multi-location staff scheduling often allow users to view these multiple location schedules separately or together.

EasyRoster, for example, helps your organisation schedule employees to single or multiple locations:

  • With the correct number of staff ofthe correctgrades, being rostered at the correct sites
  • Limiting overtime and non-productive time as much as possible
  • To ensure an acceptable profit for each site

To end off

The top 3 challenges being faced by management today can all easily be solved with workforce management software.

However, an alternative is using an Excel spreadsheet if your operations are not too complex, or getting a pro to design an Excel scheduling and reporting spreadsheet that is as automated as possible.

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